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Nestled along silvery, glacier fed Himalayan valleys and villages, the seabuckthorn berry is a superfruit with a magnificent phytonutrient and EFA profile. Responsibly hand harvested by our lovely Ladakhi women at over 13000 feet, the whole fruit is sun dried in the pristine mountain air. Extracted using clean CO2 supercritical technology which retains nearly all of the fruit's nutrient rich profile for intensive repair, promoting radiant, healthy skin.

100% raw, pure and potent, our Wild Seaberry Supercritical Oil is replete in rare Omega 7, unique gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), powerful superoxide dismutase and over 190 skin regenerating bio actives that build intercellular cement, improving skin structure and tone. GLA easily penetrates the deeper skin layers, effectively protecting against skin disorders, acne and sun damage. 

A 100% singular oil from the high altitude Himalayas. May vary in colour and fragrance with changes in seasonal harvests. We hope that you will embrace the beauty and purity of this precious oil.

Hand filled and bottled in recyclable violetglass to protect its bio-active energy.

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India India


I am so glad to have come across Purearth, I had ordered for this oil and the kwansha and I can't begin to tell how beautifully it has cleared imperfections and the scars are nearly gone. Also, made a huge difference in removing tan. I am so in love with your products, and can't wait to inculcate other products in my skincare regime.

Manjit K.
India India


The best oil it creates wonders on my skin.

rohini k.
India India

There is a raw energy to this oil

I generally don't care enough to write reviews. But I am so smitten by your seaberry oil, and it is so special, that I had to thank you for bringing it out to the world. I mix it with Julisis Gold emulsion twice a day, and the combo imparts a subtle glow and softness to the skin that is simply unbeatable. There is a raw energy to this oil that is so rarely felt in the myriad of oils in the market. Please make it in bigger sizes and more stockists in Europe! I am so glad I tried Purearth. I look forward to trying more of your line.

Sheetal d.
India India

Miracle oil

After extensive research and trials stumbled upon this beauty. I must have tried most of the top organic and non organic brands that had �sensitive skin� mentioned on label. I have rosecea , acne prone and sensitive skin. I used to envy people who found their holy grail. I have used this for 7 nights and writing this review. My redness and tiny bumps have reduced and i notice a subtle glow. I think i have found my holy grail! I strongly recommend anyone with roseacea and sensitive skin to give this a try! It is expensive but worth every penny

KIran v.
India India


It�s been a week since I started using this. The oil immediately absorbs into the skin. Can visibly a see a difference in skin glow, my skin has started to be more clear now. I have a combination skin, so was a bit hesistant to try oil on my skin. But this works like magic.

GInni G.
India India


It make my skin so supple and gorgeous. I apply it both day and night. Wonderful product!

estelle p.
France France

Love love love this oil??????

Sakshi K.
India India

Oh this one is magic!

anisha o.

Goddess glow in violetglass

ANKita g.
India India

my skin is just loving it. ??

The oil is just amazing. I have tried countless serums, facial oils that promise not give acnes... But this is just so amazing, I have used it 4 time by now and not even a single acne or tiny breakout. My skin is super hypersensitive and with 24hrs of the application I can tell if a product a suiting me or not. I can't believe it a facial oil can do this. And my skin is just loving it. ??

Sakshi K.
India India

Seaberry oil

I can see a difference in the lightening of post acne scars. Penetrates well and leaves a lovely finish.

Tiffany T.
Hong Kong Hong Kong

Best Face Oil

This oil is Amazing! My skin absorbs perfectly it reduced the inflammation & red patches on my face.

Ramandeep K.
India India

Wild Superberry Seacritical Oil

Having acne prone, super sensitive and oily skin has never left me with many product choices as I always get allergic to new tried products and have only relied on medicated creams. But after thorough research and reading all the reviews I ordered Seabuckthorn oil and though I believe it will take time to show results but I haven�t gotten allergic to the product which is awesome for me. My skin feels fresh in the morning and I have less breakouts. I recommend this product to all those who have acne prone and sensitive skin. Kudos to the team for all the hard work they put in.

Riz R.
Australia Australia

First aid to the skin

SC Oil was a perfect addition to all my other Purearth Products. I mix a few drops of the oil to all my beauty portions for extra lustre and maybe even thin down lotions. Highly recommend it to anyone who's working through troubled, sluggish skin.

Namrata S.
India India

Supercritical Oil - Wild seaberry

Skin is glowing, I see a difference. Taking a star away for not sending samples, while ordering, the form indicated that my purchase was eligible for samples which I had requested, but were not delivered. Samples help me order more and with confidence.

Trisha B.
Hong Kong Hong Kong

Amazing as usual!

My go-to oil for my skin :)

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