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Pure Purpose Foundation

PPF is our sister organization and a tax exempt section 12A/ 80G charitable foundation established in India. PPF is focused on social impact initiatives ranging from safe sanitation, rainwater harvesting, tree plantation, education and environmental projects supporting biodynamic and organic farming methods, carbon offsets and reforestation. PUREARTH’s award-winning line addresses a growing consciousness for clean, ethical skincare and wellness. Equal, ethical and ecological, Purearth advocates conscious consumption by channeling 10% of its profits into the Pure Purpose Foundation.

Our Initiatives

Through our commitment to working with marginalized women, resource poor communities and producer groups, we build alliances that bridge inequalities in gender and product pricing in urban markets. We partner with CBOs, women's micro-credit finance and self-help groups in the remote Himalayas and rural tribal areas to support income generation programs.


The Eco-Pot Project to build eco toilets was launched as a means to provide safe sanitation for women and girls. Our first two projects were launched in the Himalayas and Maharashtra, India.

PPF has built 40 toilets around the Gagas river basin in Uttarakhand, Himalayas and around 30 to be built in tribal Adivasi schools in the Grameen areas of Khed, Maharashtra, India.

The cost of 1 eco-toilet is 30,000 INR/ 416.48 USD/ 373.74 Euro. Thank you.


Last March / April 2020 during the migrant crisis, we initiated the ROZGAAR PROJECT which managed to distribute 16 tonnes of 14-day ration kits worth USD 19,200 to 4016 jobless laborers / 1004 families in Pune thanks to generous and kind donors who came forward to support. The PPF team met with many other daily wage workers amongst whom we distributed masks, ration supplies and other essentials.


We are shaken and deeply affected by the tsunami that has been unleashed on us all by the recent Covid-19 wave. It has been a traumatic time for everyone in India as well as for our team on the ground in Pune, with half of us testing positive for the coronavirus. We are seeing the tragedy around us and must do something for our own people. Despite our soldiers being down, we have initiated the COVID RELIEF FUND after firsthand witnessing the oxygen shortages, lack of beds and traumatic state of affairs in Pune.

We are committed to buying oxygen concentrators and plugging them in with beds in as many “bastis” and “mohallas” around Pune as we can. An oxygen concentrator costing around INR 79,000/ USD 1,060 can provide around 5 liters of oxygen a minute, sufficient in many cases to help save a life while an ambulance arrives or the family searches for a bed.

This year, we aim to direct your donations from the COVID RELIEF FUND locally on-ground towards the purchase and provision of oxygen concentrators to those in urgent need.

Rain Water Harvesting, Reforestation, Tree Plantation.

Climate change and water scarcity is a reality and cause for concern for our planet and its people. PPF is engaged in rainwater harvesting, reforestation, afforestation and tree plantation initiatives in partnership with community-based organizations across India. Thank you.

General Fund.

The General Fund is used for general expenses and not allocated to a particular project, cause or need. We will use your contributions for various initiatives and to run administrative and running expenses of PPF.

Thank you.

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